Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bad Blogger! Bad! Bad!

So I realize I'm so behind in blogging that everyone probably thinks I've died. I'm sorry, I've been recovering from the Men's GOLD MEDAL Hockey game!! How awesome was that?

I don't have an Etsy find today, however, I have found the coolest way to waste time and put off cleaning the birdcages (yes, I said cages, as in 3 of them!) I'm sure everyone has heard of it, but if not it's called StumbleUpon, and it shows you EVERYTHING there is on the net. Check it out! The address is

If you remember, in a post about my gift card, I showed some fabric I was using for a dress soon. Here is the finished product! I think it's super cute- if I do say so myself! What do you think?

One more thing of interest.... I recently started following a blog called Craftomania Tools, and experienced nirvana on the internet!! Seriously, go have a look, it has such great articles, advice for blogging, advice for selling online, and a million other tidbits! The address is That's it for today (I think) talk to you all soon!!!


  1. Great! Thank you, the Craftomania blog is all about the Craftomania Toolbar for the Etsy community-

  2. This is beautiful!! I can't wait to have kiddies so I can buy them beautiful handcrafted clothes like this!


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