Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Ducks Are Back- and More Alien Baby Finch Pics

Yay!!! My ducks are back again this year! They come here to stay in their personal spa that my hubby set up for them. We call them Duck-Duck and Goose (I know, I know) but the male 'gooses' the female when he herds her around the yard, and they also remind me of the children's game 'duck-duck, goose'. Here is their pool and a new shelter beside it. We don't know if they'll use the shelter, but I sure hope so! Could you imagine a bunch of little yellow fuzzies waddling around the yard? I think our cat Frank the Tank would be licking them all! Yes, he's that weird!

So the baby finch is about a week and a half, and still impossible to get a picture of. Walter and Snowball are doing a phenominal job!  In these pics, he is facing left with his head down in the nest. Honestly, that is a baby bird!! We're calling him Super-fuzz right now, until we see a personality to give us a better name. We also don't know what sex he is yet, although looking at the pin feathers on his wings, he might be a male. We'll see!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MIA Prize Winner, New Dog Coat and Baby Finch, Oh My!

Busy, busy, busy lately so I'm behind in posting. Sorry to be so boring! Firstly, my chickie neckwarmer prize winner, Julie, is MIA. I'll give you until this Friday to respond with your info, and if I don't hear from you, I'm going to re-draw from the original entries.

Secondly, I made a new dog coat that just has to be shown off! Again, it's on the model that's too small- I really need to find a few other sizes of stuffed dogs! But here it is-

Lastly, the new baby finch......... OMG!!! He is the cutest/ugliest baby I've ever seen! And also very camera-shy! Mom and Dad are very sneaky about getting on and off the nest, so I have to rely on luck for pics right now. But here is one, and don't laugh too much, he's bigger and cuter already! I'll keep trying to get new pics, it's exhausting!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's Prize Draw Time!!

Ok, it's midnight- time to draw the winner for the Miss Chick Neckwarmer!  The winner is.......... (drumroll)

Yay for Julie!!! I'm sorry I don't have other Chickie Neckwarmers for the rest of you, but I will be doing more giveaways, and I have other neckwarmers plus much more! So please come back again!

Julie, send me your last name and address on my email,  and I'll pop your prize in the mail Monday morning. Thanks for being in my giveaway!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Let's Get This Party Started! The Blog Party, That Is!!

Hello to all the Blog Party People! Please come in and have a look around! I'm going to spend some time today perusing as many new blogs as I can!! In between baby finch watching, of course! Check back in, because I'll post pics the next time Snowball and Walter leave the nest.

Please have a look at some of my items from my shop, and if you like them, feel free to follow my blog, because I'm going to be doing regular giveaways of my children's items and dog coats! With a wink to my fave website of all time, Etsy- I'm creating a treasury of all things bunny in my shop, sold and available. Enjoy!

FINCH SUCCESS!! And Contest Update

Yay!!! Snowball and Walter did it! Last night I spied a very strange, very tiny, and very alien looking baby in the nest!!! It is so weird looking! So this morning, I'm trying to get a look under mom and dad, but they're tired and staying put for now.

First sleepless night of many!!

So, there's less than 12 hours left in my first giveaway! I'll draw the winner at midnight, so if you're still up, check back. If not, check in the morning and don't forget to send me an email at with your full address so I can send you little miss chickie!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Giveaway Update and Finch Eggs Update!

Thank you to my four new entries, Domestic Diva, Christina, Lyudmila and Tyler! Christine, I used to try to make those Ukranian Easter Eggs at my neighbors house! They're sooo beautiful! So here's another sneak peek in the jar!

Also, my crazy Zebra Finches are still trying like crazy to get some eggs to hatch (I think they just like trying) and have produced six more perfect little eggs. The pic only shows four because of the angle I had to take the pic from. It's almost impossible to get a glimpse right now, because they do this little thing where Walter will slide halfway off the eggs, and Snowball jumps right on, so that leads me to beleive they know something I don't! I sure hope so!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Check Out 5 Minutes for Moms Blog Party!

5 minutes for mom's 2010 Ultimate Blog Party is right around the corner! And as 5MFM says "It is about friendship, growing your network, and having some good old fashioned blogging FUN!" Even if it's your first time joining the Ultimate Blog Party, it's an exciting annual tradition.

Here's how it works. Bloggers will publish a party post introducing themselves and then they'll party hop the other blog links through the linky lists meeting and mingling with other mommy bloggers. This is your chance to grow your blog, make new connections and friends, network and promote your sites and businesses.

When is this partying happening? April 9th-16th. Last years 5MFM Ultimate Blog Party had over 2000 bloggers participating and had over 55,000 page views, with the actual party post receiving over 25,000 page views. Talk about exposure!

Get more information about the 5MFM Ultiimate Blog Party by visiting the website!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Giveaway Update and New Croc Dog Coat

Thank you Merrie, Steph, Jennifer, and 409 for your sweet Easter memories!! They made my Easter better than all the chocolate!! So I've got a little vase that I'm naming "The Contest Slips of Paper Holder Thingy" (Just kidding!) but here's a pic. There aren't too many entries, but that just means better odds for you! I like to be positive!

On another note, in an earlier post, I showed some super funky faux croc fabric I was making into a dog coat, and here it is! Now, don't laugh too hard, I have only one model right now and he fits the Extra Small size. This little guy is swallowed up in croc! I need a bigger model, ya think?

Friday, April 2, 2010

My First Ever Giveaway!! Easter Chick Neckwarmer

I love Easter- who doesn't- and decided to get with the times and do a giveaway like every other great blog does! I want people to see first hand the love and effort I put into my items from my Etsy shops. So this one is my Little Chick Neckwarmer, one of my bestsellers in my Kozykids shop. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me about your favorite Easter memory. For two more enties, follow my blog and post it in a comment. You'll receive two extra entries!! Next Friday, I will draw the winner, and when you see your name, you can email me at- with your address, and I will pop it in the mail for you to enjoy! Here's the link to read about the neckwarmer, and I will update about the giveaway during the week!

OMG!!! I Have Officially Fallen in Love (with dog coats)

My best friend in the world, "Broken Pelvis" is my biggest supporter/cheerleader of my two Etsy shops. She listens to me dream about becoming famous, puts up with me cooing over my latest creation, and bringing me THE BEST FABRIC EVER! The latest is an actual vintage mink coat, cut up ready for trims and such, a super cool brown crocodile faux leather, and the new black faux leather that sent my creative juices gysering past the atmosphere!! Here are the pics-

This one is going to be soooo fashionista! (for dogs)

This is the Rebel Without a Leash in progress....... ok, bad joke.

Here is the final project!! Do you love! I love!! Thanks, Broken Pelvis, Love, Sews With Thread. XXOO

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