Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finished Purple Bandana Dress!! Oh- and BABY NEWS!!!

I finally finished the famous purple bandana dress! I love these funky little boho dresses! Get ready for Her Highness the Purpleness! Okaaaay, I'm on cute overload, since I went to see  my friend's daughter in the hospital today to see her newborn baby. His name is Emmet, and he is THE CUTEST baby I've ever laid eyes on! Well, next to mine (hee hee- I'm in trouble now!) I don't have the pics ready yet, but I'll post them ASAP. Just wait, it's worth it!! Anyways, here's the dress. Not as cute as Emmet, but pretty cute nonetheless!


  1. It looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the baby pics =P

  2. cute dress!
    and, oooh new baby! how exciting!
    we are expecting ours in June. ;)

  3. Darn,
    Why do the kids get all the best clothes??? I love this dress.
    Love anything Bandana!

  4. Does it come in a size "older woman"? I looove purple.


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