Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Three Feathered Terrors!

As you may or may not know, we have 5 birds and 1 cat. They are Coco (blue and gold macaw), Sweetpea (lovebird), Madge (lovebird), Walter (zebra finch), and Snowball (some sort of white finch- not albino!) No, I did not come up with all the LAME names, only snowball- which was because I got her for Christmas (yeah, that makes my cheesy name ok!) The others were all rescue birds, and they rule the house, even our cat, Frank the Tank!!

I'm always trying to capture them on digital camera, but spend more time reacting to them moving like a missed goal at the men's gold hockey game! You know, 'Ooooooh! No! No!' etc... But sometimes I get a few good ones, and here are the lastest. I particularly like the arthouse vibe I captured for the lovebirds! It's them in front of the mirror acting like newlyweds at a Niagra Falls honeymoon suite! It looks like 4 birds, not two! I meant to do that, really!! Enjoy, we do!!

Coco is trying to figure out why I'm taking her picture, or luring me in close for a good nibble. She's still nesting, so she's moody! Sorry it's a little fuzzy.


  1. Oh they are so pretty. Wonderful photo of the lovebirds. Though I love animals I am particularly fond of birds, I think they are magnificent creatures and incredibly astute.


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