Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hallelujah!!! (The Song)

So I was reflecting on KD Lang's beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen's  'Hallelujah' at our Olympics. I always get goosebumps from that song!! So, as I'm in the mood to hear a bunch of my favorite versions, I'm going to post the links to some of my all time faves! If you have some I haven't heard before, please send me a link! I live for this song!!

#1- KD Lang-
#2- Allison Crowe-
#3- Norwegian Idols-
#4- Kate Voegele-
#5- Rufus Wainwright-
#6- The Man Himself- Leonard Cohen-

Enjoy, everyone!! (I feel like a DJ) Hee hee! Take care!

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  1. Hallelujah IS such a beautiful song in its many variations. Thank you for including Allison Crowe in your DJ list ( : It's wonderful to know it brings you joy! (I serve as manager to Allison, so, I'm especially happy to know!)


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