Sunday, January 31, 2010

Daily Inspiration

Starting a new project tonight! I'm thinking Purple Plaid Punk Princess! I'm using an upcycled men's tie (don't you love being green?) Can't wait to finish this cute little number and list it! Stay tuned.....

Finch Babies- 1st Try

Our sweet zebra finches, Snowball (she's all white, obviously) and jazz man Walter were only together a couple of weeks before they laid their 1st clutch of eggs. We weren't sure if they were fertilized (but even if they did bump feathers, it'd be too fast for the human eye!) Sadly, after a couple of weeks, they decided they were done with being fluffy on the eggs. So here they are- I'm so sad I might bury them! Oh well, they're over it already, so maybe I'll have more baby news soon!!

Trying out mini shops!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Still waiting for this all to begin.....

Not much to report today, my hubby just started nightshifts, so we're a little befuddled! I'm also waiting for my blog to be recognized out there in cyberspace. Will report again soon.

PS, Just got a FAB feedback comment on my Etsy site!!!! Makes me want to sew like crazy!
Madge tearing paper strips and Frank the Tank watching intently.

Sweetpea loves looking out the window!!

Frank knows he's good looking! Poser!

This is a once in a lifetime shot of Sweetpea buzzing Coco. One day, she's going to catch him!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Joining Technorati

I'm still navigating my way through all these crazy steps to make my blog great! Need to post a code to verify myself? Sheesh! Oh well, here goes,
U82CZEKH2ZT8   I sure hope I do all of this right! Cross your fingers!
These are just a few of the cute little clothes I love to sew! My website has tons of selection, so feel free to go on over and have a look!

If you want a super- sized dose of over 100 of the items in my store, have a look at this page! Pure shopping overload awaits!

One of our birds, Sweetpea, sitting on one of our fake birds!

My Intro to Blogging!

So, I finally decided to start a blog! I'm so old- school, I need instructions on blogging, cell- phones, iPod, etc! So if my blog is boring or slow starting, please bear with me as I want to share my passion for my business and my hysterical family life with all of cyber- space! Just don't tell them, or they'll stop doing funny things! I'll be back soon! Signing off! ♥

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I am a stay- at- home mom who has recently rediscovered sewing!! My kids are adults now, so I'm going to have to wait for grandkids so I can dress them! My kids sure aren't interested in wearing these little clothes! I live in Beautiful British Columbia with my family and a house full of birds and one very fat cat. There's lots of chaos, but I wouldn't have it any other way!