Friday, February 26, 2010

More Silly Birds and Another Finished Dress!

So, the lovebirds, Sweetpea and Madge, have found a new place to hang out, much to our macaw's dismay. Coco is beside herself that they have started sitting in a recycled fabric cat tunnel we put on top of Coco's cage for her to crawl through! They love it! They sit in it and snuggle up in front of the mirror, looking like cheshire cats (that's weird- they're birds!) We used to have an orange and white tomcat- the best kind there is- that would fall asleep on her cage with all four legs dangling through the bars! Coco would go over and give little hair-pulling bites to the top of his head to get him to move, and he wouldn't budge! Poor Coco, no one's taking her seriously!

Wow, I'm distracted by the hockey game, Slovakia just got away with a high-stick and crashing the net, and then they score!! WTF? Ok, ok, calm down, we'll still kick butt!! So the other item was the dress I made with the upcycled fabric from Mandy at Whimsiedots on Etsy. Remember the black and white checkered fabric? Here it is.....

Do you like? I sure do!! A little loud, but what little girl doesn't love to be the center of attention? Who, me? No, no not me. Anyways, off to watch the rest of the game-  GO CANADA!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Etsy Love! Amy Kirkman, Glass Artist Extrordinaire!

How beautiful is this plate? The link to Amy's shop is  You have to go and see her glass art! It's breathtaking. I wish I knew how to work with glass..... maybe one day. Meanwhile, enjoy Amy's things!!

Embarrassing the Kids!

I'm going to get in trouble for this one! I don't care, it's worth it! I came across an old picture the other day, and I HAD to share it! It's too cute not to. My kids are in their early 20's now, but this pic is them having what looks like the best gossip session I've ever seen! It's hilarious!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Fabric for Inspiration!

I bought some more fabric from Mandy on Etsy- , and as always, I love it and can't wait to start sewing! I'm thinking either 'Mod Baby' or 'Finish Line Baby' What do you think? Stay tuned, I'll post on the work in progress and see who picked the best theme for me!

I Love the Etsy Love! Stanleymoons on Etsy!

I have been in love with 'Sugar Skull' fabric and artwork for a long time now, and I just saw the CUTEST representation of that in a shop on Etsy called Stanleymoons. Here is an example- Oooooh, I LOVE IT!!!!


How cool are these! The link to the shop is-
Have fun looking! Talk about eye candy!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

More Etsy Love! YOUniquelyours!

I have found a new fave on Etsy! Erin from  has some really cute things. I especially love this blanket-

Plus, she makes really pretty gift tags and cards- here's a couple-

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Day at the Olympics..... WOW!

So, today my hubby and I went downtown to soak up some Olympic vibes. When we got to the RAV(skytrain) there was a line-up to buy tickets so you could line-up to get on the platform so you could line-up to get on the train! Sheesh!! Then we rode, sardine style, and arrived in total disbelief to the amazing crowds all around. The line-ups were otherworldly!!! There were line-ups to get on line-ups! Seriously. But everyone was really upbeat and friendly and made me proud to be a local.

On another note, if you remember one of my earlier posts, I had some super cute daisy fabric and trim, and I finally got the jumper finished!!! It is my new fave, and I will definitely make more of these!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The SLOWEST Computer on Earth!!

So, I'm still without my beloved computer, so I'm forced to use "The Backup Computer" OMG!! I have deleted, de-fragged, de-cookied and damn-near every other thing I can think of to get this thing to move faster than a snail on tranquilizers!
At least I'm not going quite as slow. If you remember, I had the purple punk princess dress in the works, well, here it is!
The pics are better on my site, so have a look!
I also got two other cutie-pie pieces finished, here they are-

Oh, also, before I forget.....  GO CANADA!!!!!!!!! Gold medals, superb athletes, beautiful city, so-so weather.....  GO CANADA!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, to my faithful (although few) readers, please don't give up on my blog just yet! As Arnold says, "I'll be back!".

Friday, February 12, 2010

Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics

Just watched KD Lang sing Leonard Cohen's song, 'Hallelujah' I always cry, this was AMAZING! I have goosebumps! Sarah McLaughlin was beyond perfect as always!! I also want to remind everyone to reflect on the Georgian luge team and their huge loss. Let's pray there are no other tragedies during the games.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Computer MELTDOWN!

My beloved computer crashed the day before yesterday, so I'm now on a temp one until mine gets sorted! I was at a great dinner for my step-daughter with family and friends tonight! It was her 21st!! No pics for now, because my camera isn't configured for this computer yet. I will get back to my regular posts soon, so please don't forget about my blog!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Wool Top

I bought this wool and some others from Mandy, the owner of Whimsiedots, (see below) and have made a few items with it. This little blouse is going to be listed in my shop right now! I love how it turned out!

More Etsy Love! 'Whimsiedots"

I love Whimsiedots! I also love saying the name ;) She has really cute items and is a huge fan of upcycling! I just bought some more fabric from her and can't wait for it to arrive! I have BIG plans for it......  Meanwhile, I'm loving these little patches! Have a look at her shop-

Monday, February 8, 2010

Putting a Dent in the Gift Card !

My kids know a great Christmas gift when they find one, and this is one of the best- a gift card for the fabric store!!!!! I went and broke it in today, and found some cute new fabrics, I'm thinking 'little black tuxedo dress' and 'here comes the spring dress' Watch for these in my shop, and I'll post updates when I get started!

Etsy Love ! Gals With Girls

Gals with girls on Etsy makes the CUTEST hair accessories ever!! Check this one out- 
Here's the link to her shop- careful, once you go in, you'll never want to come back out!!  Enjoy!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pics Aren't Great, but Cowboy Blanket is Done!

I finally crossed one more sewing project off my list! It's a cute little denim and fleece cowboy blanket. I need to take better pics in daylight for my shop, so in the meantime, here's some rough ones!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Love 'Peculiar Forest' on Etsy !!

Browsing through Etsy as always, far too often when there are chores to do, I must give you the link for my new fave shop-
I stopped saving individual items, because I love it all!! Check it out! For example-

Finch Update!!

So now the finches have three eggs, so they are sitting on them in shifts. Walter WILL NOT stop trying to pull off the silk plant leaves in the cage (for realistic non- maintenance decoration) I give him a handfull of torn up kleenex, and he'll try to get every single piece at once and fly blind  up into the nest, stepping all over Snowball and then leaving her to put it all away! Sounds like my husband and son! I always knew they were birdbrains! I brought in a bunch of fresh grass for the finches and lovebirds to put in their nest, and here's the birdie joy! Remember, birds are IMPOSSIBLE to get perfect pics of with a basic digital camera!! Too much lag time. Please enjoy anyway!!

I think Sweetpea is trying to be a home decorator! He arranged the grass for a long time! Unfortunately, we think Madge is too old to have babies (she came from a rescue shelter, so we don't know her age) But Sweetpea and Madge are known for their x- rated shows in front of anyone! At least it keeps them busy!!

The Olympics and Fluff....

Ok, so we're 6 days away from the Olympics, and look at the view from my back porch! Do you see the bare ground in my backyard? Do you see the mountain up on the left? The half- naked one? That one is called Cypress Mountain, and we have to TRUCK IN SNOW for the WINTER Games!!!!!!! There are people coming here expecting to see polar bears on the streets and moose in our backyards! This is embarassing! Whistler and Blackcomb mountains are rockin', though, so I'm sure BEAUTIFUL BC will still enchant everyone! Have a blast, and a big WELCOME from all of us!

Now, for the fluff part. I'm finally learning how to photoshop my pics, so here is one of Snowball today waiting for Walter to get his little Zebra butt down on the bottom of the cage to pick up the fresh grass I gave them for their nest! She's preggers, so she's allowed to be bossy!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Feb. Sure is Romantic ! (The Birds Think So)......

The finches now have two eggs in the nest, and are in full- on nest building mode! They are so cute!

Snowball is directing, and Walter is getting pretty tired!

Coco is pretending to nest, so I set up her blankies on the bottom of the cage, where she likes to do it!  Madge and Sweetpea have a drawer under their cage with their paper chewing operation- we should hire them out to the government to shred papers! They work for millet!

Oops! Madge saw me! I'd better scram before she attacks!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Busy Finches!

Well, well. The finches are still in the honeymoon period, I see. Snowball laid another egg today, so the waiting game begins again! I still don't know if they're fertilized, though! I might have to put on some Barry White and spy on them to see if they actually, you know, interact! I'm just super excited to see what kind of tiny little alien will hatch out of an egg the size of a lima bean! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weirdest Cat on the Planet!

Many, many people have seen Frank do the "sit up" he taught himself to get cookies! We never tried to teach him anything! The vet loves Frank and wants to keep Frank every time we go in for a check-up. Frank lays on that cold, hard, steel table up against Dr. Rana's stomach and purrs!! Crazy cat!


Goodnight Frank, goodnight Coco, goodnight Sweetpea, goodnight Madge, goodnight Snowball, goodnight Walter...... do you think we're like the Waltons? For those of you who are confused, ask your parents who the Waltons are. Geez, now I feel really old! Goodnight Mary.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Funny Guy!

This is what my hubby thinks I should be doing instead of blogging or sewing!! Crazy, right?

Still Stalling!

I tell myself that I need to get busy, but my birds are all doing funny things!

Coco is a born model, see how she blushes around the eyes?

Sweetpea is BUSTED!! He loves to sit in Coco's food bowl and eat her food. It drives her around the bend! Obviously that's why he does it!

Have you ever tried to take pictures of finches? Lots of blurry shots, but these aren't bad. If you recall, Snowball and Walter abandoned their first eggs, but they are starting to rebuild the nest!! Maybe they'll get it right the second time!

Sewing Instead of Laundry!

Ok, since I've always got more than one project on the go, I've decided I HAVE to finish this blanket today. Right now. Before I do the laundry. I hate laundry. Who doesn't? I'm still trying to finish my purple princess dress, so I'd better get busy...

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