Friday, February 19, 2010

A Day at the Olympics..... WOW!

So, today my hubby and I went downtown to soak up some Olympic vibes. When we got to the RAV(skytrain) there was a line-up to buy tickets so you could line-up to get on the platform so you could line-up to get on the train! Sheesh!! Then we rode, sardine style, and arrived in total disbelief to the amazing crowds all around. The line-ups were otherworldly!!! There were line-ups to get on line-ups! Seriously. But everyone was really upbeat and friendly and made me proud to be a local.

On another note, if you remember one of my earlier posts, I had some super cute daisy fabric and trim, and I finally got the jumper finished!!! It is my new fave, and I will definitely make more of these!

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