Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finch Update!!

So now the finches have three eggs, so they are sitting on them in shifts. Walter WILL NOT stop trying to pull off the silk plant leaves in the cage (for realistic non- maintenance decoration) I give him a handfull of torn up kleenex, and he'll try to get every single piece at once and fly blind  up into the nest, stepping all over Snowball and then leaving her to put it all away! Sounds like my husband and son! I always knew they were birdbrains! I brought in a bunch of fresh grass for the finches and lovebirds to put in their nest, and here's the birdie joy! Remember, birds are IMPOSSIBLE to get perfect pics of with a basic digital camera!! Too much lag time. Please enjoy anyway!!

I think Sweetpea is trying to be a home decorator! He arranged the grass for a long time! Unfortunately, we think Madge is too old to have babies (she came from a rescue shelter, so we don't know her age) But Sweetpea and Madge are known for their x- rated shows in front of anyone! At least it keeps them busy!!

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