Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Olympics and Fluff....

Ok, so we're 6 days away from the Olympics, and look at the view from my back porch! Do you see the bare ground in my backyard? Do you see the mountain up on the left? The half- naked one? That one is called Cypress Mountain, and we have to TRUCK IN SNOW for the WINTER Games!!!!!!! There are people coming here expecting to see polar bears on the streets and moose in our backyards! This is embarassing! Whistler and Blackcomb mountains are rockin', though, so I'm sure BEAUTIFUL BC will still enchant everyone! Have a blast, and a big WELCOME from all of us!

Now, for the fluff part. I'm finally learning how to photoshop my pics, so here is one of Snowball today waiting for Walter to get his little Zebra butt down on the bottom of the cage to pick up the fresh grass I gave them for their nest! She's preggers, so she's allowed to be bossy!!

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