Friday, March 26, 2010

Waterproof Fleece-Lined Dog Coats

I found some really cute waterproof plaid fabric for my new passion, dog coats! I can't wait to get sewing, but grocery shopping must come first, then bird cages, vaccuuming, laundry, bla, bla, bla..... I think I'll just sew and forget the rest!! I'm getting stressed out! Anyways, here's a peek at the fabric, and I'll post pics if and when I get them done!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2nd Etsy Shop! Doggie Coats!

So, I've made a few dog coats for some family and friends, and the last one, modeled by my sister-in-law's dog, Beau, was a big hit at the beach! She had people stop and ask where she got the coat! Yay! Luckily, I sew my tags on everything I make, so they were able to just copy that. Unluckily, the tag says Kozykids, and takes them to a shop with nothing but children's clothes! I think they may have been confused. So, until I get new tags for that shop, I dropped a link in my shop pointing them to the new one.... Kozy Canines!! (Don't ask, the name is unchangeable) Oh well, at least it goes with Kozy Kids.

 The link is  I've only got the Burberry coat listed right now, but tomorrow I'll have the Tiger Tattoo coat listed as well. Here's a sneak peek....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Blanket- Burberry-Style Plaid

Finished a new blanket and listed it in my shop on Etsy. Only I can't call it Burberry Plaid, because the big-wigs at Burberry troll the listings and tell Etsy admin to yank our listings if we use the word BURBERRY!! Notice how I keep using the word BURBERRY? Hee, hee! I seriously doubt anyone is going to confuse my handmade (it says handmade in the listing) blanket with some couture item from the House of Burberry! Oh well, what can you do?

It's actually a pretty funny thing, because the first time I got a notice to remove the listing, I FREAKED! I thought I was in big trouble. I know a lady on Etsy who makes BURBERRY themed 'items' (I won't give her up to the BURBERRY police) and she told me the first time she was told remove her items "her husband had to talk her in off the ledge!" she's too funny. So now all my blouses, dresses, blankets, and stuffed animals made with B******Y Plaid are called Nova Check (don't ask me, I just found out is was an alternative term) or London Plaid. Sheesh! Anyways, here's the contriband blanket, enjoy! Oh, and if you like B******Y Plaid, go look in my shop, I have lots!! Just don't rat me out!!

Sweetpea, Snowball, Walter, and a Sweetie Baby

Here are the pics of baby Emmet! How sweet is he? The close up pics weren't great, so I'm only posting these for now. That's my daughter and I holding him- mommy's lucky we gave him back!

Our lovebird, Sweetpea, loves to sit on the livingroom lamps and soak up the heat. I put a perch on top to make him more comfy, but he has decided he doesn't want it. He now likes to sit IN the lamp with his little feathered butt just inches from the bulb!! What a weirdo. The first few times, I made sure I didn't smell any 'chicken' cooking!

Looks like it's almost bedtime!!

Snowball and Walter really went to town on the nest this time, you can hardly see Snowball in the nest!

Walter looks like he can't handle the mess, even though he's the one who brings most of the stuff in there! He even managed to steal a silk plant leaf to beautify it even more!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finished Purple Bandana Dress!! Oh- and BABY NEWS!!!

I finally finished the famous purple bandana dress! I love these funky little boho dresses! Get ready for Her Highness the Purpleness! Okaaaay, I'm on cute overload, since I went to see  my friend's daughter in the hospital today to see her newborn baby. His name is Emmet, and he is THE CUTEST baby I've ever laid eyes on! Well, next to mine (hee hee- I'm in trouble now!) I don't have the pics ready yet, but I'll post them ASAP. Just wait, it's worth it!! Anyways, here's the dress. Not as cute as Emmet, but pretty cute nonetheless!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kid's Clothes on Project Runway!

I waited all week to see today's Project Runway, because they were designing kid's clothes! The designers FREAKED out when they found out!! It was so funny! They looked like they'd been asked to design another dress for Angela's mother (inside joke for the fans) I love making kid's clothes, but I'm guilty of something that the show was too- not making boys clothes. They had all these cute little girls, but no little men! I try to make things for boys or at least unisex, but it's hard to get new ideas. So for all the mommies of the boys out there, I'll try harder, I promise!

Also, I don't want to be a spoiler- so I won't say who was let go from the show, but I wanted to say I was so sorry for her! I think it takes a whole lot of guts to go on TV and be criticized by everyone!!

For this post, I'm going to go mad for plaid- my shop has many plaid items, and here's a few!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sweet Springtime!!

It's official- I LOVE THIS DAISY FABRIC!!! I'm going to have to go find some more so I can make myself a dress from it! This is the second dress I've made from it, and I don't know which one I like more. Obviously, I'm biased!!

Also, I have a sneak peek of a suit I'm making- it's going to be a little girl's Chanel style suit. Here's the fabric, with some cool brown suede trim I'm using on all the edges. I'm super excited! I don't know how it'll turn out, but we'll soon see! Ta-ta for now!!

Etsy Love! Metamorphosis Jewelry

I love to look at jewelry on Etsy! I really don't have enough jewelry (yeah, right!) Sonya's jewelry is so cool and original, I had to show you some. She's also crazy creative with photographing her pieces. The first pic, the brass ring, caught my eye because she had a wrench holding it upright to take the pic! How cool is that?

This bullet necklace is really cool!

This feather lariat is the ultimate statement piece!

And these little glass earrings are so pretty!

If you love like I love, go check out her shop-
That's all for now!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Etsy Love Time Again!

Seriously, I need to schedule a dedicated day for my Etsy finds! I think it would be nice for people to be able to plan ahead to shop from all the fantastic shops on Etsy when I post my faves. But, I am a Cancer after all, and therefore I'm cluttered, emotional, and sentimental (or something like that) So when I do remember, I will be happy to promote other crafter's creations with no strings attached. I am just a big fan of cross-promoting!

With all that said (sheesh!) I have some more beautiful items from a shop on Etsy to show you. Here they are-

So, if you like here's the link to find all that cuteness-  Enjoy!!

My Sales Map

How cool is this? My hubby got me a map so I could see all the countries where my sales have gone! As you can see, most of my sales are in the Eastern States- those must be some really smart, astute, fasionable, savvy people! Now, if only I could sell to Russia, South America, Africa, and Greenland, I'd be officially world-wide!

Purple Passion!

While I was out in the yard today, I was inspired to make a new dress. The beautiful spring flowers in my garden reminded me of some purple bandana fabric I have, so I'm off to sew! I've made this dress in other colors before, so I already know how it'll turn out- here's a preview!

Now if I can find something to match these 2 pics, I'd be fully ready for spring! Spring fashion, that is!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Three Feathered Terrors!

As you may or may not know, we have 5 birds and 1 cat. They are Coco (blue and gold macaw), Sweetpea (lovebird), Madge (lovebird), Walter (zebra finch), and Snowball (some sort of white finch- not albino!) No, I did not come up with all the LAME names, only snowball- which was because I got her for Christmas (yeah, that makes my cheesy name ok!) The others were all rescue birds, and they rule the house, even our cat, Frank the Tank!!

I'm always trying to capture them on digital camera, but spend more time reacting to them moving like a missed goal at the men's gold hockey game! You know, 'Ooooooh! No! No!' etc... But sometimes I get a few good ones, and here are the lastest. I particularly like the arthouse vibe I captured for the lovebirds! It's them in front of the mirror acting like newlyweds at a Niagra Falls honeymoon suite! It looks like 4 birds, not two! I meant to do that, really!! Enjoy, we do!!

Coco is trying to figure out why I'm taking her picture, or luring me in close for a good nibble. She's still nesting, so she's moody! Sorry it's a little fuzzy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Indy Love- As in Racing!

I have finished another project using the always fabulous fabrics I get from Mandy at WhimsieDots on Etsy. This time it's a racecar inspired blanket with the black and white checkered fabric on the front, with black fleece appliques of cars, and black fleece on the back. Perfect for snuggling while still looking cool! Check it out!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hallelujah!!! (The Song)

So I was reflecting on KD Lang's beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen's  'Hallelujah' at our Olympics. I always get goosebumps from that song!! So, as I'm in the mood to hear a bunch of my favorite versions, I'm going to post the links to some of my all time faves! If you have some I haven't heard before, please send me a link! I live for this song!!

#1- KD Lang-
#2- Allison Crowe-
#3- Norwegian Idols-
#4- Kate Voegele-
#5- Rufus Wainwright-
#6- The Man Himself- Leonard Cohen-

Enjoy, everyone!! (I feel like a DJ) Hee hee! Take care!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bad Blogger! Bad! Bad!

So I realize I'm so behind in blogging that everyone probably thinks I've died. I'm sorry, I've been recovering from the Men's GOLD MEDAL Hockey game!! How awesome was that?

I don't have an Etsy find today, however, I have found the coolest way to waste time and put off cleaning the birdcages (yes, I said cages, as in 3 of them!) I'm sure everyone has heard of it, but if not it's called StumbleUpon, and it shows you EVERYTHING there is on the net. Check it out! The address is

If you remember, in a post about my gift card, I showed some fabric I was using for a dress soon. Here is the finished product! I think it's super cute- if I do say so myself! What do you think?

One more thing of interest.... I recently started following a blog called Craftomania Tools, and experienced nirvana on the internet!! Seriously, go have a look, it has such great articles, advice for blogging, advice for selling online, and a million other tidbits! The address is That's it for today (I think) talk to you all soon!!!

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