Friday, February 26, 2010

More Silly Birds and Another Finished Dress!

So, the lovebirds, Sweetpea and Madge, have found a new place to hang out, much to our macaw's dismay. Coco is beside herself that they have started sitting in a recycled fabric cat tunnel we put on top of Coco's cage for her to crawl through! They love it! They sit in it and snuggle up in front of the mirror, looking like cheshire cats (that's weird- they're birds!) We used to have an orange and white tomcat- the best kind there is- that would fall asleep on her cage with all four legs dangling through the bars! Coco would go over and give little hair-pulling bites to the top of his head to get him to move, and he wouldn't budge! Poor Coco, no one's taking her seriously!

Wow, I'm distracted by the hockey game, Slovakia just got away with a high-stick and crashing the net, and then they score!! WTF? Ok, ok, calm down, we'll still kick butt!! So the other item was the dress I made with the upcycled fabric from Mandy at Whimsiedots on Etsy. Remember the black and white checkered fabric? Here it is.....

Do you like? I sure do!! A little loud, but what little girl doesn't love to be the center of attention? Who, me? No, no not me. Anyways, off to watch the rest of the game-  GO CANADA!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I absolutely love what you did with the fabric! It is perfect. It is so fun to see what my customers dream up with their purchases!


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