Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Blanket- Burberry-Style Plaid

Finished a new blanket and listed it in my shop on Etsy. Only I can't call it Burberry Plaid, because the big-wigs at Burberry troll the listings and tell Etsy admin to yank our listings if we use the word BURBERRY!! Notice how I keep using the word BURBERRY? Hee, hee! I seriously doubt anyone is going to confuse my handmade (it says handmade in the listing) blanket with some couture item from the House of Burberry! Oh well, what can you do?

It's actually a pretty funny thing, because the first time I got a notice to remove the listing, I FREAKED! I thought I was in big trouble. I know a lady on Etsy who makes BURBERRY themed 'items' (I won't give her up to the BURBERRY police) and she told me the first time she was told remove her items "her husband had to talk her in off the ledge!" she's too funny. So now all my blouses, dresses, blankets, and stuffed animals made with B******Y Plaid are called Nova Check (don't ask me, I just found out is was an alternative term) or London Plaid. Sheesh! Anyways, here's the contriband blanket, enjoy! Oh, and if you like B******Y Plaid, go look in my shop, I have lots!! Just don't rat me out!!

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