Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sweetpea, Snowball, Walter, and a Sweetie Baby

Here are the pics of baby Emmet! How sweet is he? The close up pics weren't great, so I'm only posting these for now. That's my daughter and I holding him- mommy's lucky we gave him back!

Our lovebird, Sweetpea, loves to sit on the livingroom lamps and soak up the heat. I put a perch on top to make him more comfy, but he has decided he doesn't want it. He now likes to sit IN the lamp with his little feathered butt just inches from the bulb!! What a weirdo. The first few times, I made sure I didn't smell any 'chicken' cooking!

Looks like it's almost bedtime!!

Snowball and Walter really went to town on the nest this time, you can hardly see Snowball in the nest!

Walter looks like he can't handle the mess, even though he's the one who brings most of the stuff in there! He even managed to steal a silk plant leaf to beautify it even more!

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  1. you have some great one in a million shots such as the yawning sweetpea
    are you sure no lovebird satay?


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