Friday, April 2, 2010

OMG!!! I Have Officially Fallen in Love (with dog coats)

My best friend in the world, "Broken Pelvis" is my biggest supporter/cheerleader of my two Etsy shops. She listens to me dream about becoming famous, puts up with me cooing over my latest creation, and bringing me THE BEST FABRIC EVER! The latest is an actual vintage mink coat, cut up ready for trims and such, a super cool brown crocodile faux leather, and the new black faux leather that sent my creative juices gysering past the atmosphere!! Here are the pics-

This one is going to be soooo fashionista! (for dogs)

This is the Rebel Without a Leash in progress....... ok, bad joke.

Here is the final project!! Do you love! I love!! Thanks, Broken Pelvis, Love, Sews With Thread. XXOO

1 comment:

  1. HAHA Sews with Thread,
    Thanks for the kudos - gysering - love it!
    Hysterics, here - love the models - you need to make it in 'Max' size too! (rip)
    Wasn't that pleather great to sew with?

    Bark on!


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