Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Giveaway Update and New Croc Dog Coat

Thank you Merrie, Steph, Jennifer, and 409 for your sweet Easter memories!! They made my Easter better than all the chocolate!! So I've got a little vase that I'm naming "The Contest Slips of Paper Holder Thingy" (Just kidding!) but here's a pic. There aren't too many entries, but that just means better odds for you! I like to be positive!

On another note, in an earlier post, I showed some super funky faux croc fabric I was making into a dog coat, and here it is! Now, don't laugh too hard, I have only one model right now and he fits the Extra Small size. This little guy is swallowed up in croc! I need a bigger model, ya think?

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  1. Sews with thread! - I have this very large smile on my face! Well done.
    I saw a whippet this morning sporting 'bad' fashion. My darn crutches kept me from chasing after them and giving them your info.


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