Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Ducks Are Back- and More Alien Baby Finch Pics

Yay!!! My ducks are back again this year! They come here to stay in their personal spa that my hubby set up for them. We call them Duck-Duck and Goose (I know, I know) but the male 'gooses' the female when he herds her around the yard, and they also remind me of the children's game 'duck-duck, goose'. Here is their pool and a new shelter beside it. We don't know if they'll use the shelter, but I sure hope so! Could you imagine a bunch of little yellow fuzzies waddling around the yard? I think our cat Frank the Tank would be licking them all! Yes, he's that weird!

So the baby finch is about a week and a half, and still impossible to get a picture of. Walter and Snowball are doing a phenominal job!  In these pics, he is facing left with his head down in the nest. Honestly, that is a baby bird!! We're calling him Super-fuzz right now, until we see a personality to give us a better name. We also don't know what sex he is yet, although looking at the pin feathers on his wings, he might be a male. We'll see!

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